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Learning how to use Screen with Ubuntu and Minecraft

An interesting challenge this. It’s half term and I’ve offered to start a Minecraft server for the children while I’m in the office. There’s no great distraction – start the Azure server, run the Minecraft server startup script and off we go. The trouble is I can’t really leave the PuTTY window running. Just in case the boss wanders over and looks closely enough to read the text. But if I close the PuTTY window the server dies as well.

The screen utility is the solution. It lets you start the server and leave it running while you close PuTTY. Later on, you reconnect to the server and the Minecraft game.

The office Ubuntu documentation is on the Ubuntu Community site, but here’s my guide.

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Running a Spigot Server on Windows

Setting up a Minecraft server is fairly straightforward – most of the time you just download the jar file into a folder and run it. But you might end up wondering how to add some of the clever stuff you see on other servers such as games or preventing griefing – such as people starting fires.

There are plenty of add ons out there but they require something more than basic Minecraft. A common version of Minecraft for these addons is Spigot. Installation is much easier than it used to be but I though some instructions would be helpful.

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Simple Minecraft world backup

Running a dedicated Minecraft server on Azure means I don’t really have to worry about storage. But I do need to worry about unwanted changes to worlds as the server runs for a group of children.

I’ve been testing this with my instance of Ubuntu Server hosted on Azure so it’s all terminal. I’m also going to work with vim as I need to get in the habit of using it rather than nano.

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