Monthly Archives: February 2015

Choosing between Azure and AWS for Minecraft

Having run Minecraft servers at home so my daughter and I can play together, the inevitable question of “Can I play with my friends” was voiced. I didn’t want to put any of my computers on the web or, if I’m honest, open any ports on my router, so Cloud computing was the way to go.

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Throttling Windows to prevent overheating

powerOptionsI’d wanted to throttle Handbrake video conversion because I was worried that the system was getting too hot.

*I’m running Speedfan so it’s not so much the CPU that bothers me but the mysterious Temp2 reading that never seems to stop rising when the CPU maxes out and takes a lot longer to go down.

Turned out that the answer wasn’t with Handbrake but with Windows. I remembered that all the Power Savings options are available even if you’re not on a laptop so I set the maximum CPU speed to 48%.

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