Ukulele Chord Chart

One of the most useful things when I started playing guitar was a chord chart that laid the chords out by how you might actually want them. Rather than a simple list of all the majors, then minors, etc it had them in groups of:

  • Tonic
  • Relative Minor
  • Sub Dominant
  • Dominant

As I didn’t spend enough time paying attention in GCSE Music that doesn’t really mean very much to me but you might recognise them better as C, Am, F and G7 or E C#m, A and B7.

As something else to procrastinate before doing some proper practice on my ukelele I thought it might be helpful to recreate the chart. And here it is.

Download my Ukulele Chord chart as SVG or PDF

As a bit of break from tradition, I used Inkscape for this project rather than my normal preferred illustration program Xara. I still love Xara and think it’s a fantastic program. But I wanted something that could be edited by as many people as possible, hence the use of an open source program.

I’ve got on fairly well with Inkscape. It’s not quite the same but this didn’t take me very long.

I might go back and make the number circles a bit bigger. Or you can – that’s the beauty of open programs and standards!

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